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Ageless:  The Nourishing Beauty Retreat

This program is designed especially for you if you’re already committed to a healthy lifestyle and you’re ready to create a rapid healing breakthrough.

I created this day-long retreat to help you zero in on the area of your life that will have the most impact on your health and beauty.  We’ll delve into the usual subjects of food, exercise and habits and—most importantly—your thoughts, beliefs and feelings that affect your body at the cellular level.

This program may be done in Portland, Oregon, or virtually.  This program may also be extended into a 6-week program for additional support.

Ageless: 90-Day Luscious Life Primer Program

This program is for you if…

  • You’re feeling tired and stressed out trying to balance work, family and friends, and you are ready to make your own needs and self-care a priority.
  • You’re worrying about the telltale signs of aging that seem to be cropping up all too soon.
  • You’re already fairly health-savvy and would just like a little expert guidance to fine-tune your program and provide accountability.

This program may be done in Portland or virtually and includes a full VIP Intensive Retreat Day along with 90 days of coaching, healing sessions and more.

Ageless:  6-Month Luscious, Long and Lovely Life Program

This program is for you if…

  • You’re frustrated with the state of your body and your current fitness and beauty regimen.
  • You’re feeling the effects of stress and lifestyle choices and have doubts that you can hold on to your youthful vigor in later years.
  • You’ve already tried to incorporate the latest health and fitness advice and you find it’s just not working for you.
  • You’re ready to create a lifestyle plan you can stick to so you can get on with making a difference in the world!

This program can be done in Portland or virtually and includes a Full VIP Intensive Retreat Day and half day retreat along with coaching and healing sessions for six months.  Everything included in this program is designed to support you in manifesting the luscious, long and lovely life that you want to live.

As a select client in this exclusive program, you’ll enjoy…

  • Inspirational and motivational guidance to help you discover your unique path to Ageless Beauty.
  • A personal coach by your side to help you stay on track, see your blind spots, answer questions, and celebrate your brilliance.
  • Access to the Ageless Beauty secrets I’ve acquired over the years that will help you feel great and look fabulous!
  • The empowerment to deal with any health challenges more successfully.
  • A greater trust in your own intuition.
  • Optimized well being through holistic bodywork that addresses the physical and emotional blocks you might not even realize are there.
  • Dramatically decreased pain, stress, and anxiety.

Biodynamic Cranial Therapy Individual Sessions

A series of 6 sessions may be purchased after the initial consult. 

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